It is possible to pre-fill the order number and email address of the customer by adding these as a parameter to the URL. This way, the customer does not have to look-up their credentials, resulting in a flawless return process. While loading the order, we will also retrieve the address information in the order and prefill these when creating the return label. This way, a customer can create a return in two clicks, without typing. 

Title URL parameter 
Order Number orderid
Customer Email email

* Fields are never required to add as URL parameter, they are always optional.

Example NL


Hint: Use QR to pre-fill text fields

Using the same technique is also possible to generate a dynamic QR code of the link including the parameters. Putting a dynamic QR code on your printed invoice or packing slip can be a very user-friendly way to allow your customers to create a new return. 

Scan this QR with your smartphone to see an example. A demo form will be shown with pre-filled order number. When you continue to the shipping page you will also see the pre- address fields. 


Here are some examples to generate the QR code:

Using Google Chart API


<img width="300px" src="" />


Using PHP